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The increase in humanitarian crises due to armed conflict or natural catastrophes is a reality in the world and particularly in Africa. International organizations and NGOs are actively involved in the resolution of these crises and in the aid targeted at affected populations regarding emergency situations, rehabilitation or development. These actors, either associations, NGOs or bilateral or decentralized cooperation organisms are often looking for executives able to coordinate projects Water, Hygiene and Sanitation (humanitarian WASH), these three topics being essential in numerous aspects of human life (health, nutrition, agriculture, etc.).

The humanitarian WASH program is created to bring a quick, relevant and coordinated response in terms of water and sanitation facing problems triggered by natural catastrophes, epidemics, humanitarian crises or conflicts. It aims at training humanitarian project managers or coordinators, specialized and skilled high level engineers to implement WASH programs in emergency situations while creating the conditions that allow a return to normality. It enables learners to acquire solid operational, technical and managerial competences on:

  • The global context of international solidarity actions and the global framework of humanitarian actions in WASH, particularly in the context of public health;
  • Project development and management in the humanitarian context;
  • Implementation and management of access services to Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene in emergency, rehabilitation and development situations;
  • Community-based approach and participative techniques;
  • Managerial, logistic, financial, statistic tools applied to humanitarian projects.

The Advanced Master’s Degree in humanitarian WASH is led by an educational team mainly constituted by professionals who work in organizations linked to international solidarity. More than half of the modules (53% of classes) are provided by professional partners.

Learning outcomes

The Advanced Master’s Degree in humanitarian WASH allows learners to acquire solid operational, technical and managerial competences to:

  • Analyze the context in which water, hygiene and sanitation activities are carried out in international solidarity.
  • Identify and assess, sanitary conditions in the area of Water, Hygiene and Sanitation  (WHS)
  • Plan, pilot and assess actions in the areas of WHS
  • Participate to the financial management of the WHS activities and with the relationships with sponsors.
  • Supervise and lead teams Savoir encadrer et former les équipes
  • Ensure the conception and implementation of civil engineering works in the area of WHS.
  • Coordinate the promotion of hygiene and favor a community-based participation.
  • Conceive and ensure the implementation of water supply systems.
  • Conceive and implement sanitation measures
  • Participate to the logistic and security aspects for the implementation of WHS activities.


The Advanced Master’s Degree in Humanitarian WASH allows learners to access positions of executives/ coordinator/WASH project manager in international development organisms (NGOs, UN Agencies, bilateral or decentralized cooperation organisms, technical and financial partners, etc.). Other job prospects are also possible.

In the private sector as a speaker in the WASH and environment area: research departments, works and services companies.

In the public sector: administrations in charge of the WASH and environment sector, local authorities.

Entry level and admission requirements

Are admitted to attend this training:

  • Professionals who have a minimum 4-year university degree with a professional experience of at least 2 years in one of the component of the WASH area (Water, Hygiene or Sanitation).
  • Students who hold a minimum 5-year university degree (Master’s program 2, Advanced Master’s Degree, etc.) in an area linked to the WASH sector.

 Teaching Modalities


Tuition Fees

Degree program:

  • Family rate: 3 500 000 F CFA (5340 €) + tuition fees 150 000 F CFA (228 €) + Insurance fees 200 000 F Cfa (305 €)
  • Company rate: 4 200 000 F CFA (6 400 €) + tuition fees 150 000 F CFA (228 €) + Insurance fees 200 000 F Cfa (305 €)

Certificate program: 50.000 F CFA (77 € ) / teaching module day

For the degree program, a payment in four installments is offered in order to facilitate payment.  There are grants, subsidies and credit funding solutions.

For the certificate program, fees must be paid by the enrolment.

Studies Organization

The Advanced Master’s Degree in Humanitarian WASH includes lectures, tutorials, practical work sessions, conferences, field visits (in refugee camps) and technical projects based on the resolution of real issues providing the students with the opportunity to experience professional situations.  Parallel activities: immersion, professional orientation, presentation of humanitarian organizations are also included in the program.

The training program is offered according to two cycles:

Degree program: the learner enrolls to attend the whole training program continuously in one go in order to achieve his/her degree. The training last 10 months.

Certificate program: the learner enrolls to attend certificate cycles according to his/her availability. He/she attends the program either by Competence Areas (CA) or by Course Units (CU) or by Modules.  The  validation of a competence area is awarded by a certificate and the validation of a Course Unit is awarded by a d’un domaine de compétences est sanctionnée par un certificat et la validation d’une unité d’enseignement ou d’une discipline est sanctionnée par une attestation.


The total number of classes hours amounts to 648, including tutorials and practical work sessions. The teaching program includes 10 Course Units (CU) with vocational orientation, including each Course Modules (CM) :

  • 4 CU transversal basic teaching techniques: Math-Info, General Hydraulic, Water quality and drinking water supply.
  • 4 CU specialized in the area of humanitarian WASH: Drilling, Water supply in humanitarian context, Sanitation and Hygiene in humanitarian context, project management in humanitarian context.
  • 1 CU free: English.

Each course unit is subdivided in modules, such as financial management, logistics or international solidarity.


To apply and follow-up your application on line, please check our online enrolment platform.