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Innovative teaching modalities 

Facing technological and society evolutions (inter-cultural skills, exchanges bilingualism, omnipresence of new technologies), it becomes increasingly important to understand vocational training within a perspective of lifelong learning. 

In order to meet this need, 2iE has implemented innovative training modalities. Far away from classical methods, the curriculum that the Institute proposes meets the needs and constraints of learners. Flexible, it can be a tailored-made training with: 

  • A training program offer onsite or online.
  • Degree or certificate programs.
  • Curricula designed not only for students, but also for companies and professionals in office work.
  • A very flexible academic year start, with 3 different academic year starts for onsite training programs (September, January and May) and monthly dates for online training programs.
  • Theoretical and practical contributions in engineering sciences, but also in managerial sciences and management through an integrated Business School. 

This policy allows the training of entrepreneurial engineers, equipped with complementary competences.

You are a student in initial training and you wish to discover our training program offer : 2iE offers you, within a country well known for its welcome traditions, a study environment equipped with world-class educational and scientific infrastructures. Our campuses are modern and safe. They have an accommodation stock of 1800 beds, with furnished and ventilated single or double rooms. Sports, recreation and catering areas open for all. For further information, please check our Initial training program section.

You are a professional in office job or a company willing to train its employees : 2iE offers you several formulas of onsite vocational training alternately and /or online. You can start you degree program at any time of the year and stop it in case of unforeseen problems (modality offered for online training within a limit of 24 months). For further information, please check our Vocational training programs section.

Program Equality of chances 

With an average access rate to higher education of 6%, women remain the poor relative of education. They are often under represented in the scientific and technical training programs. Since 2005, 2iE has committed itself to fight against this fracture. With the program Equality of Chance, promotion actions about scientific disciplines with the female public are carried out, such as:

  • The opening in 2013 of a Women’s Excellence Program to enter Engineering Programs in Africa in partnership with the EPF, Engineer School. It has welcomed for this first promotion 18 young women (and two young men).
  • The annual organization of Women Open Days, which allow school and college girls to discover the engineering jobs.  
  • Mobilization of sponsors for the award of study grants targeted at women.
  • A communication that focuses on gender representativeness. 

The results of this proactive policy, included in 2iE’s Strategical orientation Plan are visible. The Institue counts today 30% of female students in first year of training, 15% in PhD and 40% within the teaching staff. 

The Association of Women Students, Engineers and in work placement.

This Association aims at developing women leadership and their presence in the job sectors for which 2iE is providing training, whether it refers to the areas of water, sanitation, environment, civil engineering, energy, mines or management. During the main events, it organizes conferences, meetings and debates on the topic «gender and education».

Besides, it provides its support to the neighbors of Kamboinsé, located at 15 km of Ouagadougou, to implement activities that generate incomes. These allow to cover in the long term the tuition fees of children from neighboring schools.